2(e) Extraction and uses of metals

(e) Extraction and uses of metals (This topic is not required for Double Award Science)
2.22C know that most metals are extracted from ores found in the Earth’s crust and that unreactive metals are often found as the uncombined element
2.23C explain how the method of extraction of a metal is related to its position in the reactivity series, illustrated by carbon extraction for iron and electrolysis for aluminium
2.24C be able to comment on a metal extraction process, given appropriate information

detailed knowledge of the processes used in the extraction of a specific metal is not required

2.25C explain the uses of aluminium, copper, iron and steel in terms of their properties

the types of steel will be limited to low-carbon (mild), high-carbon and stainless

2.26C know that an alloy is a mixture of a metal and one or more elements, usually other metals or carbon
2.27C explain why alloys are harder than pure metals