4(e) Alcohols

(e) Alcohols (This topic is not required for Double Award Science)
4.29C know that alcohols contain the functional group -OH
4.30C understand how to draw structural and displayed formulae for methanol, ethanol, propanol (propan-1-ol only) and butanol (butan-1-ol only), and name each compound (the names propanol and butanol are acceptable)
4.31C know that ethanol can be oxidised by:

  • burning in air or oxygen (complete combustion)
  • reaction with oxygen in the air to form ethanoic acid (microbial oxidation)
  • heating with potassium dichromate(VI) in dilute sulfuric acid to form ethanoic acid 

4.32C know that ethanol can be manufactured by:

  • reacting ethene with steam in the presence of a phosphoric acid catalyst 
at a temperature of about 300oC and a pressure of about 60–70 atm
  • the fermentation of glucose, in the absence of air, at an optimum temperature of about 30oC and using the enzymes in yeast 

4.33C understand the reasons for fermentation, in the absence of air, and at an optimum temperature