Group 2 Practice Questions

Q1: Write balanced equations, including state symbols, to represent the following reactions.  State which are redox.

  1. strontium reacting with water
  2. barium oxidising on exposure to air
  3. magnesium reacting with nitric acid
  4. magnesium oxide reacting with nitric acid
  5. strontium oxide dissolving in water


Q2:  Granules of calcium metal are added to water, into which a few drops of universal indicator have been added.  Explain fully what you would observe.


Q3:  (i) Small pieces of calcium, strontium and barium of the same size are each added to flasks containing 500cm3 (an excess) of distilled water.   Explain why the concentrations of the resulting solutions will be different.

(ii) Equal numbers of moles of calcium hydroxide, barium hydroxide and strontium hydroxide are added to distilled water. In each case the amount added is sufficient to form a saturated solution. Explain why the pH of these solutions is not the same.


Q4: Magnesium does not react with cold water, but will react with steam to produce a stream of hydrogen gas, which can be ignited. Write a balanced equation for the reaction that is taking place (including state symbols).