Shapes of Molecules – Practice Questions

1: Predict the shapes and bond angles in:

i) sulphur dichloride (SCl2)

ii) silane (SiH4)

iii) carbon disulphide (CS2)

iv) sulphur trioxideso3-dx

v) ozoneo3-dx

2: State and explain the shape of the ammonia molecule, NH3

3:  Compare the shapes of the H2O molecule and the H3Oion, and use this to explain why the bond angle in H2O is 104.5º while the bond angle in H3O+ is 107º.

4:  Draw the 3D shape of the following molecules

i) chloromethane, CH3Cl

ii) phosphine, PH3

iii) phosphorus pentachloride, PCl5

5: State the shape around each of the three carbon atoms in propene, CH2CHCH3